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Underhållsarbetet i Brasilien prisas

Scanias underhållschef i São Bernardo do Campo, Jerry Johansson, har tilldelats utmärkelsen ”Årets underhållschef” av branschorganisationen Swedish Asset Management Society.

Four good reasons work at Scania!

    Last week I attended a really fun event, for engineers in their ”mid-career” I got the opportunity to talk about why Scania is a good employer… so here is my list of arguments: 1. We are profitable: It is much easier to have a good career in a profitable company, simply because there is [...]

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Svenska produkter som trafikerar världen

På Scania i Södertälje arbetar Robert Jansson som gruppchef för en av företagets monteringsavdelningar. Det är hans fjärde tjänst på Scania sedan han började på företaget, och han har från första parkett fått uppleva vilka utvecklingsmöjligheter som erbjuds.

Going to India

Something that has amazed me during the years that I have been working within Scania is all the excellent people that you find within the company. Just to give you an example, this is Björn, working for me, being responsible for helping in developing the local technical helpdesks, based at the Scania business units. Those [...]

Technical Product Meeting

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in the technical product meeting (TPM) held in Södertälje by the Scania Vehicle Quality organisation. Attending was Scania representatives from 28 countries, the majority from Europe, to this came several personnel working at Scania in Södertälje. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the general quality [...]

Leadership and leadership quotes

It all goes back to leadership and the good leadership. With “all” I refer to facing challenges, being able to change, think out of the famous box and trying to see the bigger picture. One way to reflect on you as a leader, it doesn’t matter if you are a manager or not, is to [...]


Internationella möjligheter och lastbilskörkort

Scania har över 40 000 anställda världen över och verksamhet i 100 länder. Företagets traineeprogram är ett av få som erbjuder både spännande internationella karriärmöjligheter och lastbilskörkort samtidigt.

Visiting Atlas Copco

One way of working within Scania is to conduct “go and see”. The purpose is to focus on an area, within your area of responsibility or outside, and follow how they operate. All in order to learn and also to give feedback. We are doing this on a regular basis but it is often within [...]

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Hitta rätt efter traineetiden

Under tiden som trainee får man vara med i strategidiskussioner och sitter ofta nära företagsledningen. Men vad händer när programmet är slut?

Niklas – Our man in Sotji

One of our missions is to be as close as possible to our customers. It can be via different forums, meetings, case handling systems and sometimes we send our personnel into the field. When Scania sold more than 700 buses to be operating in Sotji, Russia, during the winter Olympic games, we started to discuss [...]