Markus Hast

Leadership, mobility and management

Here is a photo from a recent work shift I did at DemoCentre. There were students there from Linköping Uni, and I try often as I can to sneak up there and drive with them, to see what they think about Scania as a future employer.

Switching gears and goals

I’ve been juggling double roles for some time now. It’s been very challenging but it’s also forced me to delegate and prioritize – call it on the job training if you like, haha!

Structure and robustness

Managing complex services at Scania IT can be a daunting task. An IT service, by its very definition, encompasses several systems and many organizational functions. Some parts, such as incident and problem management (Scania-speak: red arrow), i.e. how to respond when a user is experiencing an error, are very structured and have a strict process [...]


This year I delayed my vacation two weeks compared to the normal Scania vacation period. The reason is not important but maybe you can guess from the changed last name on my profile… A “habrovink” is swedish slang for “solving a problem by using a product in an unintended way”. My habrovink then: I needed [...]

Munlädret (eloquence)

Det tog en stund att hitta en bra motsvarighet till “välsmort munläder” på engelska. Mitt bästa försök blir alltså eloquence, dvs vältalighet.  Som tjänsteansvarig är det väldigt viktigt att kunna tala för sin sak. Det är trots allt mitt enda maktmedel eftersom jag inte har någon chefstitel! En stor del jobbet går ut på att [...]

Business-travel and IT

Did you think international assigments weren’t for IT people? Think again. At Scania, you are often encouraged to go abroad to deepen your understanding of the Scania business. In the trainee program, a three-month period abroad is guaranteed - I actually consider it one of the major selling points of the trainee program. Myself, I was [...]

Sommar på kontoret

Midsommar har passerat och med den också “full bemanning”. Många kollegor tar ut föräldradagar och förlänger sina semestrar, så det börjar bli glest med folk på Scania IT. Jag tycker det är skönt, ljudnivån är mycket trevligare och det är lättare att koncentrera sig.

Lunch with Mathias

I have been asked to blog a little extra this month, so I decided to do a mini-interview with an interesting colleague.

Big project, double chair

Double chairs are a bit tricky, since I need to change viewpoints and “mindset” depending on context, but I’m confident that I can pull it off. Håll tummarna (cross your fingers)!


Tracking what I achieve at work is quite difficult. Not only is my job description a bit cloudy, I can’t really “see” the products I deliver. Not like a carpenter or a gardener or a hairdresser would, at least.