In Canada, where I grew up, most people have 2-3 weeks vacation. They don’t even believe me when I tell them I have 6. Funnily enough, being used to my 6, I don’t think I’d ever survive on 2. I need a long break to really clear my head, release stress and tension and to […]


I ended last week with some super-energy-boosting days. As a manager, I strive to create an environment in which my team members develop and grow. I want them to move on to bigger and better jobs and to be prepared to take on big responsibilities within Scania. Therefore we did an exercise a few months ago […]

Harald and Lars on a go and see….

A few weeks ago we had invited Harald Ludanek (Executive Vice President for RoD) and Lars Stenqvist (Senior Vice President Vehicle Definition) to visit our department. The purpose with the visit was to present our organisation, processes, way of working and also to give our visitors a chance to do some technical support work. The […]

Technical Product Meeting

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in the technical product meeting (TPM) held in Södertälje by the Scania Vehicle Quality organisation. Attending was Scania representatives from 28 countries, the majority from Europe, to this came several personnel working at Scania in Södertälje. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the general quality […]

Leadership, mobility and management

Here is a photo from a recent work shift I did at DemoCentre. There were students there from Linköping Uni, and I try often as I can to sneak up there and drive with them, to see what they think about Scania as a future employer.

A “normal” day within Global Technical Support

I got the idea to describe a normal day within the department but I quickly realized that every day is different so here comes a summary of the 17th October. Arrived in the office at approximately 8 am, started the computer and took a cup of coffee to start the system. Swallowed my pride and […]


This year I delayed my vacation two weeks compared to the normal Scania vacation period. The reason is not important but maybe you can guess from the changed last name on my profile… A “habrovink” is swedish slang for “solving a problem by using a product in an unintended way”. My habrovink then: I needed […]

Why Scania?

Why the Scania blog? We are all busy, you as a reader and me as a writer, trying to put my thoughts into words. Why should you spend your valuable time reading this blog and vice versa why should I devote time to write? The reason is quite obvious. We all need to be challenged […]

Prague around the corner

Another period ends tomorrow. This time I won’t be able to finish what I’ve stated, because the next balance won’t be launched until after the vacation. This is kind of disappointing. Although me and my tutor Thommie have already prepared most of what needs to be done after the vacation. I would like to thank […]


Vad blir människans roll?

Den ökade automatiseringen ändrar i grunden förhållandet mellan föraren och fordonet. Med allt fler automatiserade system i fordonen blir förarens roll i växande utsträckning att hålla uppsikt över systemen snarare än att köra fordonet.