The 3rd SSI weekend

Last weekend was our 3rd weekend (of 4) with the Scania Student Intro (SSI) Program. We spent the full Friday and Saturday at Scania in Södertälje, and as usual it was a well planned, intensive yet a very fun weekend! The main focus of this weekend was Master Thesis preparations and future possibilities at Scania […]

Brief update from France

I am currently on a shorter business trip to Scania France, more particularly Angers. Will stay here for three days, meeting Scania IT and representants from Scania, talking about the services we provide and eventually might. So I mentioned that I was a trainee in the last post and that I would talk about my […]


A unique start to your career

Long, hard study pays off. As a graduate trainee at Scania, you will be well taken care of and get a good start at the company.


As soon as I pass through the door, it feels like last time was yesterday. I feel nervous and a bit uncomfortable but at the same time enthusiastic and anticipative. I take a seat in the sofa where I used to wait, and notice that it will start in a few minutes, hoping that today […]


We have now landed. Please remain seated until the seat-belt sign has been switched off. The temperature in Kuala Lumpur is currently 32 degrees, sun is shining and showers are expected in the afternoon. On behalf of the cabin crew I would like to thank you for flying with Malaysia Airlines, we hope you have […]


The sweat is pouring down my forehead and the pulse just won’t calm down. The vegetation is compact and we are surrounded by all the different noises of the jungle. My shoes are absolutely covered in mud, the t-shirt is completely drenched and around us we have thousands of different trees and plants, representing at […]


The guard lifts the boom and I drive through the parking lot, zigzagging between parked buses and trucks, to finally reverse into the slot I have come to consider as mine. A few minutes later I have dropped of my bag at my desk and made my way over to the Scania Café where I […]


Regnet smattrar ursinnigt mot fönsterrutan samtidigt som bilar susar förbi, både på höger och vänster sida. ”Om 800 meter, håll till vänster”. Det kommer att gå vägen, jag tror verkligen det. Eller är det att ta ut segern i förskott? ”Om 200 meter ligger destinationen på höger sida”. Yes! Det tog nästan 2 veckor, men […]

Just two peas in a pod

So I have now gone from being a trainee, to mentoring trainees of my own. Quite a transition i must say. My first victim is Magnus Helgosson, who is currently doing his third trainee-period, working with process engineering in the assembly workshop in Oskarshamn. Magnus is energetic and eager to learn. Two really good attributes, that will […]


Jag lägger opticruisen i neutral, drar i handbromsen och slår av tändningen. Ljusen slocknar och kvällens mörker fyller hytten. Jag trycker ut förarkortet, greppar min portfölj och hoppar ut på gårdsplanen.   Min andra traineeperiod går mot sitt slut och det är snart dags att återigen fylla Golfen och tuta vidare. Jag har nu tillbringat […]