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It’s a wrap!

Thursday, which means this is my last day of my summer job! I am still having problems to decide exactly what I am feeling at the moment. A part of me has been awaiting this day and longing for “freedom” but school starts on Monday, so my freedom will only last as long… My placement […]

Back to school…

Hi everyone! While I’m writing this I have just had my last “fika” with my group. This is my last day as a summer intern, and it feels a bit sad to leave. I have had a great summer working at ICO (my department). I have learned SO much about Scania, about customer relations and […]

The master thesis puzzle

Master thesis. This word has always scared me a little… As an SSI participant, I will write my master thesis at Scania during the spring. This will be the last and completing part of the SSI programme. It feels really good to know where I am going to write my thesis, however I still have […]

Planning and Prepping

Ok, seriously, little more than one week left for me here at RBRF and my summer job. Where did the summer go? A bit stressed about the fact that it feels like I have done nothing this summer and that school will start in less than two weeks (!!), I somehow still feel quite excited […]

Swedish summer nights and flex time

Looks like summer has finally come to Sweden, just in time for the vacation to be over… but hey, I am not complaining! I still had a great vacation, managed to enjoy both the sunny and less sunnier days and still get to enjoy those wonderful summer evenings now after work. Yesterday for example, me […]

Back to reality

4 rainy weeks later, I am back from my vacation with a lot of positive energy! I spent most of my holidays in Skåne, where my parents have a house. However the weather made me long for some sun so I went to Croatia the last week and came home yesterday. Its strange how easy […]

Back to reality

Monday morning and I am back at the office and my desk at RBRF! 4 weeks of well-needed and relaxing vacation has come to and end and I am back to wrap up my summer internship the coming 3 weeks. These 3 weeks I will foremost focus on finishing my project at RBRF, investigating further […]

Last Post

We presented our master thesis at Uppsala University on the 23rd of June. A few days of small corrections followed and then we handed it in. It was such a relief. Not long after that the final result came and we had passed the course. The final course of uni. The last task as a student. […]

Vacation coming up!

Hi all! I’m not going to write any long blog post, just checking in to say goodbye before vacation! Its friday and its my last day before vacay! I will be away for 4 weeks, and then I will come back to finish my job at ICO (which is my department’s name). Today, we had […]

Vacay coming up!

Less than 8 hours before I will check out from Scania, and have 4 well earned weeks of vacation. I am on my 7th week here at Scania and honestly, this vacation couldn’t come any sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my group at RBRF and am very happy and satisfied with my summer […]