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Vacation coming up!

Hi all! I’m not going to write any long blog post, just checking in to say goodbye before vacation! Its friday and its my last day before vacay! I will be away for 4 weeks, and then I will come back to finish my job at ICO (which is my department’s name). Today, we had […]

Vacay coming up!

Less than 8 hours before I will check out from Scania, and have 4 well earned weeks of vacation. I am on my 7th week here at Scania and honestly, this vacation couldn’t come any sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my group at RBRF and am very happy and satisfied with my summer […]

The first SSI weekend

Hi everyone, Vacation is coming up soon, and the office is becoming more and more empty for every day that passes. Scania has industrial vacation v. 29- v.32 which is when I will be out of office as well. It feels so luxurious to have a real vacation. I have been a student the last […]

Scania Student Intro – what & why?

As mentioned, I am enrolled in a program here at Scania known as Scania Student Intro (SSI). This program has specially been developed in hope to introduce students who are about to begin their working careers, to practical experience and a way to build a network of relevant contacts at Scania. I applied to SSI in […]

It begins with an ending

Dear reader, I have now ended my time in the SSI-program – but I have also just begun my time as a full time employee at Scania. As so often in life, when one phase ends, another one simultaneously starts. This time, the change marks a big shift in my life as I go from […]

Week 10: Half time-Presentation

Time flies! We have been working for 10 weeks but it feels like we just started and on Tuesday we’re going to have our half time-presentation and talk about our findings so far. We have spent most of our time writing an algorithm so we can use an associative classifier. Last week we finished it, […]

Week 3: moving forward

So, week three just passed and we’re moving forward. Slowly forward, but yes, forward. I actually thought we would be way ahead of where we’re standing at the moment and it’ kind of frustrating. As I wrote last time, I’m very aware of the fact that this is a part of the thesis, to figure […]


As a part of the SSI-program, I was assigned a sponsor. We see our sponsors while at Scania and also pay them visits during the semesters. My sponsor is named Lina, she is s a young engineer and honestly a true source of inspiration. One lunch this summer I sat down with her and asked […]

Södertälje,SwedenPhoto: Kjell Olausson 2014

On a journey with Scania

Kristine Stålhandske first heard of Scania Student Intro while she was studying for a Master of Science degree at Linköping University. Having completed the introductory year, she’s now undertaking the Scania Trainee Programme along with 19 other young employees.

SSI weekend number four

Hello dear reader, The day has come when I write about our fourth and final Scania Student Intro weekend. This means that I have yet experienced all of what the SSI program has to offer except for one thing – the master’s thesis, which I will write together with a friend, starting in January. The […]