Scania Student Intro

SSI weekend number three

Hello there, I hope you are well in this beautiful fall that we are having. I am doing fine but I have been really busy with school, which has made this post a few weeks over due. Here it is at last and this time I will talk about the experiences I had at our last […]

Back to school

Hello everyone, The summer has ended and I am back in school. At first I did not feel particularly excited about going back to studying after having such a good time working at Scania during the summer. I felt that I had got accustomed to working with real projects at a real company rather than […]

Longing for production experience

Hi everyone, For me this summer is very much about getting a sense of what it is like to work at Scania. Therefore I have arranged many study visits at different Scania factories and departments, as well as lunch meetings with Scania employees to learn about their experiences from within the company. These events all […]

How to find a Master Thesis Topic

As SSI-students, most of us will be writing our master thesis at Scania, it’s a part of the programme. This means that we have to find a topic (just like everyone else). There is only one problem, to decide. And to know what we can choose from. I have to tell you, it’s a jungle […]

Summer jobs and Scania Griffin Trophy

Hi there, In this post I will tell you about some of the different summer job assignments that you can end up doing in the SSI-program. In the end of the post I will also show some pictures from a fun SSI-summer activity we had the other week. First I should mention that the SSI-program […]

“It starts with you”

Howdy, In this post I will talk about what Scania Student Intro (SSI), can do for you. Or rather, as the title of this post implies, what you can do with the help of SSI. A few years ago Scania started using the slogan “Scania. It starts with you” in its employer branding efforts. The […]

My first week as a Scania employee

Hi! I have now started my summer job at Scania in Södertälje. This is one of the main features of the Scania Student Intro program (SSI) and I have been placed in a group who develops bus chassis. After this first week my head is so full of impressions that I hardly know where to start when […]

SSI weekend number two

Hello dear readers, Let me tell you about last weekend when we all met again for our second SSI weekend together. Since there was no pictures in my last blog post, I thought I would make it up to you this time. So I hope you will enjoy to see a lot of pictures of […]

Combining business with pleasure

Hello everyone, This time I would like to tell you about my visit to Scania on Wednesday last week. The first half of this post is a pretty straight forward description about what I did during the visit and my thoughts about it. In the second half, however, I share a rather personal reflection on […]

SSI weekend number one

Hi y’all! Let me tell you about my experiences from our first weekend with the Scania Student Intro program 2014. The event lasted Friday early morning to Saturday late afternoon and was, as you can imagine, crammed with activities. As this special weekend drew closer I got more and more nervous. Even knowing what to […]