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    Week 6: Pre-processing Data

    So, last time, when I described our thesis, I was wrong. We have realized since last time that we’re not going to what we thought we would do three weeks ago. This we have understood by studying data. By pre-processing data, you learn a lot about the data. In our case, we have become aware […]


    Workshop internship in Uganda – an eye-opener for young Swedes

    For the fourth consecutive year students from two Swedish upper secondary schools have travelled to Uganda to undertake internships. For three weeks the students worked in different workshops – including at Scania in Kampala.

    Brief update from France

    I am currently on a shorter business trip to Scania France, more particularly Angers. Will stay here for three days, meeting Scania IT and representants from Scania, talking about the services we provide and eventually might. So I mentioned that I was a trainee in the last post and that I would talk about my […]

    More visitors and trainings

    I have been really occupied with visitors the last month. First two of my brother-in-laws came for a two weeks visit followed by my parents for a three weeks visit. I really appreciate their company and again to share our daily life with family from home. We have sent them out down town for shopping, […]

    Scania Waxing Trailers

    Apart from great skiing, a successful event and many Swedish medals, World Ski Championships in Falun also offered me new experiences. I was fortunate enough to be able to take a look behind the scenes, and what else would I pick than getting to see the waxing trailers delivered by Scania. Both the Swedish and […]

    Crisis coordination

    Sometimes, an event occur that needs extraordinary measures. As you might have heard, there was a large fire in a factory in Luleå in the beginning of February. That factory supplies us with many critical parts for the production of both trucks and buses. When I heard the news, I first was relieved that there […]

    First post!

    First time writing for my own blog! I think this is going to be fun and I hope you’ll enjoy the subjects that I will write about. I haven’t quite figured out what to write about or if things will have a specific perspective. I suppose I’ll just go with the flow! This is not […]

    Traineeship ongoing

    Last Friday, an email popped up in my mailbox. It was from an applicant of the Scania trainee program who happened to see my blog and then wrote to me and asked some questions. In the new email, he told me a good news: he entered the first round interview with Scania. While I was […]

    Some signs of adaptation…

    Last year at this time I thought the climate was nice but o so hot. I was actually thinking that persons who felt cold at the temperature of 22 degrees Celsius were “chickens”. Today I have to admit, I am one of those “chickens”. It is amazing how quick you get used to walking around […]


    Mission: Challenge Scania’s top managers

    For three months, 12 promising young Scania employees from around the world will have the chance to show what they are made of, challenging the company’s top management, the Executive Board.