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    Week 15: Writing

    In this project time flies. I never thought 15 weeks of my life could pass by so fast. Me and Lisa have been developing a slightly modified classification algorithm using an Associative Classifier. It took us a lot more time than we though, and I think it mainly was because we decided to use a […]


    Lots going on!

    Scania has truly a lot to offer it’s colleagues! In my case, it feels like I’m currently doing a lot of other stuff, except the things directly connected to my original assignments. Not sure what it’s called, but one of the things I’m doing extra at the moment is godparenting (Not sure if Google gave […]

    Lena Thompson, who works as secretary at Purchasing, has written her Master’s thesis on leadership issues in a pre-development environment.
Södertälje, Sweden
Photo: Kjell Olausson 2015

    Leadership for research

    In research-oriented pre-development projects, with no specific product objectives, leadership is crucial. It is particularly important that focus is on individuals rather than the group.

    Arriving at Kuala Lumpur

    This is already my third Friday at Kuala Lumpur. The excitement of going to Malaysia the warm place and having some Asian-stomach-tailored food is finally calming down, and I thought it is a good time to write another blog. The journey started on April 18th, when I flew from Stockholm to London. Nine of my […]


    Back to basics in India

    One of Scania’s key requirements for establishing itself on the Indian market was having a dedicated research and development unit on the ground. Today, Scania’s R&D team in Bangalore has a wide focus and is looking for opportunities in all emerging markets.

    Same same but different…

    A lot of interesting challenges at work right now. We received the results from our employee survey and that always brings new energy to the continuous improvement works going on within all areas. It is in deed a challenge to both find ways how to keep the high levels on many of the results but […]

    The world is smaller than it appears

    If you missed, the final of YETD – Young European Truck Driver was held in Södertälje last weekend. 26 skilled truck drivers, who had won national finals across Europe, competed for a brand new Scania truck. The competitions were on for two days and I had to pay a visit to Scania Demo Centre that […]

    The products and services

    As I mentioned in the last post, I promised to dig a little deeper into the products and services I manage. And as I told before, I belong to the end user services section, where we create and manage a lot of the products and services that almost everyone at Scania come in contact with. […]

    YETD – Time to Start

    Time to start. All finalists arrived yesterday to Södertälje with their parties. My responsibility for the weekend is to be the guest host for the Irish party. We warmed up with some cheering and dinner last night and in a few minutes we are heading down to the welcome ceremony in Marcus Wallenberg Hall at […]

    news-list-Gerrit Veltman

    Room to manoeuvre

    In 2014, Gerrit Veltman celebrated 25 years of working at Scania’s truck plant at Zwolle in the Netherlands. He is committed to giving 100 percent on the job, no matter what challenges come his way.