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    Slow start

    First week at work after a three weeks long vacation. The office is still running on slow-mode, there is only 5 or 6 people on the floor where it usually sits around 30. There are not many meetings booked this week, but more and more is coming in the calendar. I suppose next week everything […]

    Ivana  Jovanovic.
Södertälje, Sweden
Photo: Peggy Bergman 2015

    Ivana keeps track of ones and zeroes

    Ivana Jovanovic, a programmer, left Montenegro at the age of 25. Maybe it was curiosity that made her swap the pleasant Montenegrin climate and an IT job in its parliament for a different life in Sweden.

    Andreas KJerrman, Senior Technical Illustrator at Scania.
Södertälje, Sweden
Photo: Peggy Bergman 2014

    Andreas’ picture is worth a thousand words

    As Scania grows in new markets, the need for illustrations to explain spare parts, visualise service measures and help drivers is increasing. Before computerisation, technical illustrations were indispensable and the importance of images is growing, interestingly enough, with the internet.

Sylwester Kochel, Scania’s insurance manager is posing at the Scania office and service.
(Photo by Piotr Malecki)

    Smooth operator

    Sylwester Kochel, Scania Finance’s Insurance Manager in Poland, has a policy for almost every eventuality.

    Petko Filipov (c), Master technician, Shah Alam, Malaysia with his colleaugues. left to right - Ahmad Razlan, Ahmad Nasreen, Adde Ham and Ahmad Razli. (Only for editorial use)

    Wanted: ambitious self-starter

    From historic Bulgaria to bustling Malaysia, Petko Filipov’s career at Scania has already taken him places, with the Master Technician confident that his journey has only just begun.

    Vacation coming up!

    Hi all! I’m not going to write any long blog post, just checking in to say goodbye before vacation! Its friday and its my last day before vacay! I will be away for 4 weeks, and then I will come back to finish my job at ICO (which is my department’s name). Today, we had […]

    Peeling instead of adding on…

    Of all the seasons of a year, I love summer, especially Swedish summer with warm and long days and late sunsets. Last week we had such days in Sweden and I really enjoyed them. I am thankful that I am able to take an evening stroll or run along a lake and watch the sunset. […]

    Vacay coming up!

    Less than 8 hours before I will check out from Scania, and have 4 well earned weeks of vacation. I am on my 7th week here at Scania and honestly, this vacation couldn’t come any sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my group at RBRF and am very happy and satisfied with my summer […]


    Susanna’s rapid Scania journey

    A genuine interest in people, technology and changes led Susanna Wall back home to Oskarshamn. A thirst for new challenges has since taken her rapidly on in her career at Scania.

    The first SSI weekend

    Hi everyone, Vacation is coming up soon, and the office is becoming more and more empty for every day that passes. Scania has industrial vacation v. 29- v.32 which is when I will be out of office as well. It feels so luxurious to have a real vacation. I have been a student the last […]