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    ECO, EFR, SOP.. Learning Acronyms

    It´s time for my first post here and what could be more suitable to start with than telling you a little bit more about what my fifteen months as a trainee is going to look like. During my first practise period in Oskarshamn I am working as a production engineer in the cab assembly (MC). […]

    news-list-Top Team

    More than 60 countries compete in Top Team

    What started as a training programme in 1989 for service technicians at Swedish dealers has now grown to a global competition with hundreds of teams from 60 countries.

    SSI weekend number three

    Hello there, I hope you are well in this beautiful fall that we are having. I am doing fine but I have been really busy with school, which has made this post a few weeks over due. Here it is at last and this time I will talk about the experiences I had at our last […]

    Traffic in Bangalore

    Today I’m having what we call a BTD (Bad Traffic Day). I have a meeting in the other side of the town an I have been in the car nearly 3 hours and I am still not there. The drive is about 35km… Normally it takes 1,5-2h, but today it was raining AND Monday after […]

    Contrasts between fun & pain

    Last week: lots of fun. This week: lots of pain. So… what was so fun? Well, last week all the employees within Sales & Marketing who had worked 10 years at Scania were honored with a silver pin. Yes, I’m getting old…! I still think when I meet 25-year-olds who have just started in the company that […]

    My first SRS training!

    When I got the invitation from Ingela to attend a two-day SRS training, I was in the last week of my trainee introduction month, having a quick breakfast in the engine assembly workshop and wondering what my first week in the home department will be like. So on the second week of my first rotation, […]

    Treat Everybody Differently

    “Make sure to treat everybody differently” – Fredrik Eklöf, Kichisaga I heard this quote the other day and it is so true. The old cliché that everything should be equal and that everybody should be treated the same is not valid anymore (at least according to me). Treat everybody the same as you want to […]

    Project plan approved

    Yesterday, I presented the project plan that I have worked on for the last 2 months here at Project Office at R&D. Among the spectators where people from the highest management level at Scania, the executive board. The targets, business case and time plan were to be examined and questioned to see if the project should be approved […]

    A “productive” european tour

    After the summer vacation, things got really hectic for me. I seem to be doing the same thing each year: spending the winter and spring with getting projects approved, and in the fall I get a ketchup-effect where everything happens at once. Maybe it’s my fault, maybe it’s the organization. Either way, it’s been very busy but also a lot of fun!


    Expectation is in the air. The calmness before the storm – as the Swedish proverb goes. We have filled the bowls on our table with Scania sweets, stacked the brochures and I have tied my tie, so I must be ready? Even though I constantly have to check so that the red furry duck is […]