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    First week of Summer Technology Program

    At the 7th of June, I arrived in Oskarshamn, a city I’ve never been in and ahead of me, I had five weeks of the Summer Technology Program. Even though I had spoken to people from Scania, googled for hours trying to find out what I’m getting myself into, I really didn’t know what to […]

Photo: Kjell Olausson 2015

    No crack without sound

    Naturally, when a material develops a crack, there is a sound. You can hear it when you break a piece of wood or when the earth’s crust is broken by an earthquake.

    Introduction and more training

    Last couple of weeks I have been busy in conducting trainings. Last week I introduced eight new joinees to Scania. This is something I really enjoy doing and the group was asking a lot of questions which made it even more interesting and fun. All departments are represented and presented what, how and why they […]


    “Innovation under pressure”

    At Scania, research and development is integrated and so the same people are responsible for both long-term research and concept development and short-term product development. Are the roles compatible?

    It begins with an ending

    Dear reader, I have now ended my time in the SSI-program – but I have also just begun my time as a full time employee at Scania. As so often in life, when one phase ends, another one simultaneously starts. This time, the change marks a big shift in my life as I go from […]

    Midsummer is closing in

    Midsummer is around the corner and the cab production in Oskarshamn is producing cabs like never before. I want to take the opportunity to update you a bit since this will be my last post. I am now roughly two thirds into my trainee program and so far I´ve experienced a variety of different things […]

    Week 17: Sprint

    It is now one of the lasts weeks and we’re starting to get things together. But a lot of other things are also happening. For example, we went to Scania Demo Center today which basically means that we got to drive trucks. Pretty cool, pretty fun. This a photo from the last SSI-meet up we […]

    Jessica Piri, Service market sales
Scania-Bilar Stockholm
Häggvik, Sweden
Photo: Gustav Lindh 2015

    From work experience to sales

    With both workshop and road experience, Jessica Piri is particularly well suited for the job of service market salesperson.

    kristine 3

    Travel Report from guest blogger Kristine Stålhandske

    Kristine is a Trainee at Scania IT and is currently in Bangalore India, this is a travel report from her visiting a mine in India.   The trip started early on Monday morning, as early as 05:30 we started, to be sure to arrive in time for the flight to Hyderabad. Everything went smooth and we […]

    Change management

    Sorry for not writing in some weeks. We have made an organisational change at work and that has stolen all of my focus. It has been a real challenge to understand how to handle different HR matters in another country but of course also very instructive. When you work with change management one big challenge […]