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    On the other side

    I have now spent a little bit over one month on the other side of the world, on the other side of my financial world at Scania Malaysia. Today I’ll finish my final tasks in the November book close, whereas my colleagues in Sweden at BBZB have just started their work. I cannot begin to […]


    As a part of the SSI-program, I was assigned a sponsor. We see our sponsors while at Scania and also pay them visits during the semesters. My sponsor is named Lina, she is s a young engineer and honestly a true source of inspiration. One lunch this summer I sat down with her and asked […]

    Natalia Cirelli

    Geared for success

    Natalia Cirelli’s abilities have allowed her to rise through the ranks at Scania Argentina. She says help from experienced colleagues and a responsive team have also been crucial.

    Scania Student Intro – makes people grow

    Did you have a good morning? I really hope so. For me mornings are sacred. It is a way to have a fresh start and energize your body and soul. Some days I do that by having a great run in nature, not a tough one, but one that energizes me. Other mornings I need […]

    Trainees in Brazil

    The trainee program was a great start for me at Scania. It gave me a broad network and good knowledge of various departments and work processes within the company. In my HR role I continued to work with both recruiting trainees and support developing the program. Here in Brazil we also started to work with […]

    100 years and still alive

    A story from my life from last week end… Today my day started off early. Maybe a little too early being Saturday, but I had an important mission. Open my eyes and jump out of bed – today is one of those days when I do things that matters and I feel that I am […]

    DIY: The SSI application

    Yes, of course you should DIY. Anything else would be a little stupid, but I guess you all ready figured that out. Personally, I don’t like writing résumés and cover letters because it requires pretty good understanding of whom you are and what you want to do. Also, you must brag a little…  All this […]

    Being a graduate trainee

    Realizing that this is already the third month of my life at Scania, I guess it is time to write about what it is like to be a graduate trainee here. I started with 19 other trainees colleagues on August 18th this year. We come from and will work in different fields ranging from Finance to […]

    End of Trainee Program

    What a week. Focus of last week was Scania´s forth core process, Services Delivery Process, and was filled with interesting seminars, inspiring meetings, workshops, case solving and much more. One of the most appreciated parts of the week was our visits to end customers. We meet one truck customer with focus on uptime and maintainability, […]

    Visitors again

    Last week has been very busy with a lot of visitors. Academy Managers from Sweden were here to get a better understanding what in terms of need and support. We have had many interesting meetings with our trainers and with managers in Scania India organisation. We also got a guided tour in the Truck factory as well […]