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    Creative diversity on Scania’s graduate trainee programme

    Scania has had a graduate trainee programme since the 1960s, in other words long before the concept became common in Sweden. The aim is to develop key individuals of the future within economics, finance, IT and engineering. Not exactly a pure management programme, although many people in management positions did start as graduate trainees.

    One year in Brazil – reflection time

    One thing I learned on the culture training before coming here, was that history and climate affects the culture and behavior of the people in a country. Looking at Sweden, we are kind of good at planning long term, this comes back to the different seasons. We have always had to plan to be able […]

    “We are detectives who have to delve into every detail”

    At Scania, Hanna Lind is involved in advanced detective work and has a gang of sharp brains at her disposal in order to produce and refine the engine components of the future. “There’s enormous expertise here,” she says.


    Today planned to take the early train to Södertälje, but when I reached Stockholm central station everything stood still – not a single train was leaving the station. An accident was the reason. But instead of my normal reaction – which is frustration and anger, I managed to keep up a good spirit and I […]

    New year and new work

    New year, new work and new challenges. The time flies by and just before Christmas I ended my first trainee period as a production engineer at the cab assembly in Oskarshamn. I left the first period stuffed with impressions and experiences. I´ve been involved in a lot of projects and assignments to different extent; line […]

    Towards better human-robot cooperation

    Scania is funding research into how humans and robots can work more effectively together on production lines. The research has the potential to improve quality, lower production costs, and make life better for workers.

    Pimp my Truck Södertälje,SwedenPhoto: Kjell Olausson 2014

    Södertälje pimps “its” truck

    Over the past months, children and young people from Scania’s home town of Södertälje, Sweden, have gathered to decorate a Scania cab with plastic beads. Some 800,000 beads later, the cab is now undergoing the finishing touches before being exhibited at the Nürnberg Toy Fair, the world’s largest, at the end of this month.

    Are you ready to take the next step with Scania Internship Production?

    At Employer branding we always kick start the new year. January and February will be the two most busy months during the whole year. In the beginning of January our portal for Scania Internship Production and for Summer Jobs opened– so if you are interested to spend your summer at Scania don’t think about applying […]

    Jonny’s achievement proudly patented

    During 2013, Scania once again proved its innovate force. Recently, the 148 staff members that were behind the year’s approved patents were celebrated.

    Catch the moment and embrace it with your energy!

    The new year is only 5 days old and yet so much has happened in my life in such short time. Especially when new year’s eve and the first 3 days of the new year were spent in bed having the most dreadful cold ever – at least it felt that way when I was there […]