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    Kommunikation, beteenden och relationer

    Som ledare så jobbar jag med beteenden och relationer dagligen. För mig är det lite det som är hela grejen och ofta där utmaningen ligger. Flöden eller processer går ofta ganska så lätt att lära sig, men beteenden och relationer det är ofta där utmaningen ligger. För två år sedan bytt jag bransch totalt och […]

    Officially Allowed to Drive a Scania Truck

    It was a rainy day in mid-October when I approached the Scania truck I was about to drive for the first time, and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous. Everything felt quite big as I climbed up the stairs to the cab and got down behind the steering wheel for my […]

    Södertälje,SwedenPhoto: Kjell Olausson 2014

    On a journey with Scania

    Kristine Stålhandske first heard of Scania Student Intro while she was studying for a Master of Science degree at Linköping University. Having completed the introductory year, she’s now undertaking the Scania Trainee Programme along with 19 other young employees.

    SSI weekend number four

    Hello dear reader, The day has come when I write about our fourth and final Scania Student Intro weekend. This means that I have yet experienced all of what the SSI program has to offer except for one thing – the master’s thesis, which I will write together with a friend, starting in January. The […]

    Release Coordinator

    As I mentioned before, one of my tasks this summer was to evaluate a process tool software plug-in. This was asked for by my supervisor Therese, the Release Coordinator in the group. She was always busy, attending meetings and doing what her title describe; coordinated releases at Scania Research and Development. She is actually the […]

    Last blog post

    In case you didn’t know, I’ve been posting blogs for Scania for a very long time, at least if you talk about career blogs as a phenomenon. My first post was on March 2nd, back in 2011. Since then, I’ve seen career blogging change from something only targeting Swedish graduates to becoming a global communication […]

    Södertälje,SwedenPhoto: Kjell Olausson 2014

    Volkswagen Group honours Scania apprentice

    The maintenance technician Carl Forsell of Scania’s subsidiary DynaMate has received the Volkswagen Group’s Best Apprentice Award 2014. He was selected as one of 43 young top achievers from 18 countries to receive the award at Group headquarters in Wolfsburg.

    Sweden – Brazil career fair for the future

    Thursday the 13th of November at Swedcham I represented Scania at the Sweden-Brazil career fair. The event is an initiative to try to increase the exchange of students between these countries and this was the second year they had this fair. We were 8 companies there and all of us have our head offices in […]

    Global Technical Training Week

    At our department we need to have the latest information about our products and services so we can answer the customer with the correct information. Therefore we need to have trainings on these and once a year we gather all personnel for one week here in Södertälje. Our colleagues from Hong Kong, Brazil, Netherland and […]

    The week of evaluations

    The handover of the project I have been managing is almost done. I have gone through folders and document to make sure that all is in the right place. My last project meeting was this Monday. The organisation and meeting structure for the future work has been decided and communicated. The project is up and […]