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    Language course in Madrid

    Last week I spent 6 hours per day with private Spanish lessons. Although I speak Spanish on a regular basis, this week of classes has been really valuable. We started the language course with me sharing my needs and goals during the week and then we created the content after that. The focus was on […]

    The journey begins

    Hi all, Since this is my first post I will start with a short description of what SSI is and how it works followed by some of my personal experience and lastly end with what is to come. Scania Student Intro (SSI) is great way for students that is about to end their chapter as students […]

    Take 5 min to reflect

    Just a short Friday post… Last weekend me and my family went horseback riding in the country side. Looking at the photo where we gallop by the fields of sugar cane made me pause my doings and just reflect. Of course at the same time I listened to Maroon 5 and their song SUGAR. I […]

    Training and saree

    Tuesday and Wednesday I conducted the last module of our TDP (Training Development Program) for our trainers together with my colleague Zsófi who is now stationed in Malaysia. As usual we had great training days. Once again the participants were given a topic, some preparation time and then it was time to run a training […]

    It’s a wrap!

    Thursday, which means this is my last day of my summer job! I am still having problems to decide exactly what I am feeling at the moment. A part of me has been awaiting this day and longing for “freedom” but school starts on Monday, so my freedom will only last as long… My placement […]

    Challenges as local HR

    After a nice vacation, seeing friends and family, I’m back in Sao Paulo and at work. The role of the local HR will always be in need of developing and improvements, as I see it. The mission should be to guard the labor rules and HR processes, but also to adapt to the needs of […]

    Summer always ends with SIP final presentations

    Some days are just inspiring me more than others. A while ago I attended the final presentations of students who spend their summer at Scania, being part of the student program Scania Internship Production, SIP. Every time I am amazed what they accomplish during six weeks in production. The students spend time in either machining or […]

    Last week at RBRF and my summer internship!

    So, a new Monday morning and my last week at RBRF is a fact. I had a fantastic weekend, probably the last “real” summer weekend with a lot of wine, friends, food, laughter, sun and bathing. What a great way to wrap up my summer, I couldn’t have asked for more. Sure, a bit tired […]

    Vacation is over but my blogging has just started!

    Im back in Sweden to finish of some work related to my previous practise period at Connected Services, but already next week I will be on a language course in Madrid, struggling with my Spanish. After my language course Im going to work during three months at our distributor for Spain and Portugal. I really […]

    Back to school…

    Hi everyone! While I’m writing this I have just had my last “fika” with my group. This is my last day as a summer intern, and it feels a bit sad to leave. I have had a great summer working at ICO (my department). I have learned SO much about Scania, about customer relations and […]