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    Visitors and puja

    We get visitors from Scania Sweden quite often to Scania India and it’s nice to meet new aquintences as well as old while beeing here. Sometimes even your former office colleagues will come, which is the case this week. Scania Academy is conducting a business training here in Bangalore with participants from this part of […]


    Want to make a difference? Become a service technician

    Service technicians at Scania’s facility in the Arendal district of Gothenburg have opened the door on their daily lives and discussed their profession in an upbeat short film. The project is aimed at encouraging young people to consider choosing the profession.


    A unique start to your career

    Long, hard study pays off. As a graduate trainee at Scania, you will be well taken care of and get a good start at the company.

    Project plan approval?

    Two intense weeks are now ending. I think that I now have managed to finalize the project plan for the project I am managing. It has taken a lot of effort getting all the information together first and then make the different stakeholders agree on goals, resources, business case input and time plan. Today we […]

    Another weekend

    The third SSI weekend took place this weekend and I have just retured to my place in Paris. I have to say that this weekend was my favorite of the three so far and I will tell you guys a little more abut it. I’ll just start by summing up what happened since last time I […]

    Bus induction

    The Bus induction continued yesterday. Core values were on the program and we had good and interesting discussions about what they mean and how to transform them into desired behaviours. It is always diffucult to discuss core values in another language. However I had my excellent assistant with me who translated to Kannada (the language […]

    Just an ordinary Wednesday…

    First of all I need to say thank you to all of you that has shared and liked my first blog. It is always a bit nervous in the beginning and all your encouragements has made me feel very proud and lucky to be able to both do the work I am doing at Scania […]

    Woman Engineer

    One can say it’s a challenge to be a woman engineer in a field dominated by men. I would like to put it differently. It’s an opportunity to be a female engineer in a field dominated by men and the challenges are there to be overcome. The potential is huge and the hardest boundaries to […]

    Induction week and sari

    Today I we will start the induction week for our 25 new joinees in the bus factory. It’s also the day when we have the “wear a sari at work”-day. So, this will be my first day as a trainer in a sari… For those who might not know, it’s a 5-6 metre fabric and a […]

    Language and first workshop

    WOW! Today is my first day on the blog and I’m so excited! I hope we will have a nice journey together. Today I have had some language training, this is really a well invested time. With language comes so much more. It is more easy to move around and here in Sao Paulo the […]