A change for the better
     Traffic jam pilot app wins prestigious design award
     The art of applying the griffin
     A rewarding journey through Scania
     An eye for Opportunities

    Third week with SIP

    Third week and now we’re in the middle of our adventure so I will tell you guys more about a casual day, enjoy! A TYPICAL DAY This is as typical day for me at the engine assembly, D16 (v8). Everyday at seven am the time starts running. 7 minutes and 20 seconds is what we have […]

    The best truck driver in Spain

    This weekend the Spanish part of the Young European Truck Driver competition was held in Madrid. The 24 finalists were put to the test with various tests regarding manovering of the truck, loading safety, eco-driving, first aid knowledge and more. I had the very important assignment to bring the results from the test regarding first aid to the […]

    Scania will remain in Sweden and remain Swedish

    A couple of weeks ago we had a big meeting here in Sodertalje when we gathered all employees at the Head office and we were happy to host the CEO of Volkswagen AG, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn. It was a perfect day for this meeting, as it was held outside and the weather could not […]

    Almedalen – en politisk festival!

    Veckans arbetsplats har istället för Södertälje varit Visby. Scania medverkar på Almedalsveckan som bäst kan beskrivas som en politisk festival där politiker, beslutsfattare, myndigheter, intresseorganisationer, NGO’er och företag samlas för att diskutera de gemensamma utmaningar vi står inför och hur vi tillsammans, utifrån våra olika perspektiv, kan förbättra Sverige och det svenska samhället. Varje år […]

    Föreläsningar och projekt

    Vi har träffats varje dag denna vecka alla SIPare på motorbearbetningen för att diskutera de förbättringsmöjligheter vi har hittat på avdelningarna och se om vi kan hjälpa varandra. Många bra förbättringar som vi ska jobba vidare med. Imponerande att se förvandlingen på endast några veckor från förvirrad arbetare till att sitta och förbättra produktionen. Men […]

    Locally innovative, centrally robust

    You may think that working with IT in Scania is confined to the central site in Södertälje, but it’s not

    Closeness to End Customer

    One thing I really enjoy being at the Distributor in Ireland is the closeness to the end customer. One of Scania’s core values is Customer First, and here, where the customer really is present in day to day operations, it adds a dimension to the concept for me. Nevertheless, the customer in each step is […]


    A life on the road: Vinicius de Moraes, Brazil

    The life of a long-haulage driver involves spending a lot of time on the road. Day-to-day conditions vary around the world, but the best drivers everywhere share one trait: a passion for driving.

    Play around

    The third week has now come an end and time flies. I was assigned two work tasks during my first week and one of them was to work with my team’s work process tool and evaluate a new plug-in they were interested in. So, I have been reading a lot of documents, talking to people […]

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    Fadi Said – Sourcing Manager

    På Scania arbetar Fadi Said i en internationell miljö där han uppskattar det ansvar han får i sitt arbete. Han trivs bäst när han sitter i förhandlingar med leverantörer, vilket händer allt som oftast i rollen som inköpare på Scania.