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    First post!

    First time writing for my own blog! I think this is going to be fun and I hope you’ll enjoy the subjects that I will write about. I haven’t quite figured out what to write about or if things will have a specific perspective. I suppose I’ll just go with the flow! This is not […]

    Traineeship ongoing

    Last Friday, an email popped up in my mailbox. It was from an applicant of the Scania trainee program who happened to see my blog and then wrote to me and asked some questions. In the new email, he told me a good news: he entered the first round interview with Scania. While I was […]

    Some signs of adaptation…

    Last year at this time I thought the climate was nice but o so hot. I was actually thinking that persons who felt cold at the temperature of 22 degrees Celsius were “chickens”. Today I have to admit, I am one of those “chickens”. It is amazing how quick you get used to walking around […]


    Mission: Challenge Scania’s top managers

    For three months, 12 promising young Scania employees from around the world will have the chance to show what they are made of, challenging the company’s top management, the Executive Board.

    news-list-Daniel Cato

    Daniel closes the circle at Scania

    During nearly seven years, Daniel Cato designed axles at Scania’s Research and Development. As an engineer in production, Daniel will now make use of his accumulated skills and knowledge in manufacturing gearbox components.

    Week 3: moving forward

    So, week three just passed and we’re moving forward. Slowly forward, but yes, forward. I actually thought we would be way ahead of where we’re standing at the moment and it’ kind of frustrating. As I wrote last time, I’m very aware of the fact that this is a part of the thesis, to figure […]

    Have a Ride or Drive

    New challenges every week. This week’s big challenges are to understand, explain and practice to use the different functions we have in our product-line as a part of my training to become a Demo Driver. Scania has a Demo Centre where it´s possible to test-drive Scania products. I’m training to become a demo driver, which I’m […]

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    The next big data thing

    Big data is helping to redraw the transport map. Connected vehicles are already providing operators with the ability to both keep tabs on truck fleets and to tailor servicing. And the trend has only just begun.

    It does not matter how many people do what you do. No one can do it like you.

    The weeks are passing so quickly right now – for me they are flying and I try to hang on. I am grabbing onto them – trying to hang in there travelling too fast. Some days I fly high, others I feel totally empty. So why do I feel this way, you might wonder. I […]

    Week 1: Confusion

    Lisa and I started our master thesis last Monday on a Data Analysis group at Research and Development. Before we started, we had a description of our task and we thought we kind of knew what was asked from us. But then we also thought we’d figure it out along the way. Fair enough, that’s […]