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    The fourth week of Summer Technology Program

    I can’t believe that it has already gone four weeks, the time is just passing by here. The big assignment which is done by all twelve of us, is basically finished and will be presented on Tuesday. It has all gone very smooth and we have been working very good together. The assignment that Mikael and […]

    There is literally a world of career opportunities on offer with Scania. But where do you start and how do you go about it? Employees can move in different ways around internally, this series of images profiles members of staff who have been there and done. Show how Scania supports employees’ career development and personal growth is one employee Karin Radstrom  who recently moved to Nairobi, Kenya as Pre-Sales & Marketing Communications Director for Scania East Africa Limited.

    Charting her own course

    From trainee to Group Manager to elite rower, Karin Rådström’s career path is a great example of the possibilities on offer at Scania. Her latest stop has taken her all the way to Kenya.

    Scania Student Intro – what & why?

    As mentioned, I am enrolled in a program here at Scania known as Scania Student Intro (SSI). This program has specially been developed in hope to introduce students who are about to begin their working careers, to practical experience and a way to build a network of relevant contacts at Scania. I applied to SSI in […]

    Why SSI?

    So – my very first blogattempt! The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences as a student within Scania. I want to give you an insight in my life as an SSI-participant; what SSI is, what I do here, what I have been doing since it all started, how I have experienced it, […]

Photo: Kjell Olausson 2015

    Astronauts ‘over the moon’ at Scania’s facilities

    Scania will this September sponsor the Planetary Congress, a conference organised by the Association of Space Explorers. As part of preparations for the space-themed event, nine astronauts including Sweden’s Christer Fuglesang recently visited Scania’s DemoCentre and climatic wind tunnel.

    It all has to start somewhere – My very first blog post

    Okay, so here it goes. My very first post here on the Scania Career site. Honestly, I am a bit nervous, mixed with anxiousness. What do you want to read about and how will I make it interesting? How will I best communicate all the knowledge and experience I gain here at Scania without confusing […]

    Third week of SIP2

    This week I got visiters from Transmission, no less than 6 people from SIP1. I showed them around at the engine Assembly and the other SIP2 met us up for lunch to tell them more about what they will expect and what they can do if they apply for SIP2. I did also get to […]

    Second week of SIP2

    With Midsummer on the Friday this week became shorter which meant I really had to keep up the pace to be able to reach my target on time. I continued my data collecting with meetings on meetings. When Thursday arrived I had only a few interviews to do left and I would be able to start […]

    Scania Executive Board. Kent Conradson, Executive Vice President, Head of Human Resources.
Photo: Göran Wink 2012

    Attracting the right skills

    Today’s globalised world has placed increased pressure on large companies to attract, develop and retain staff. Executive Vice President Human Resources Kent Conradson says while Scania has an excellent skills base, it needs to do more to achieve the company’s goals for 2020.

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    A world of potential

    One of the advantages of working for a large multinational company such as Scania is internal mobility – the ability for employees to change jobs within the company and increase their skills and experience.