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     A global approach to purchasing
     Countless opportunities for project managers at Scania

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    Tech fest

    Caroline and I went to an event for Stockholm Techfest last night  I also met some university friends there and a nice bonus was that there was an old school photo booth in a corner :-)  The event was held in the offices of Klarna, wow what a nice office. While I have posted many blogs praising Scania and giving […]

    Is an Industrial and Marine (I/M) Engine orange colour?

    Hello, long time since I write on the blog. Now it is time to write again and this time it is about Engines. I have had the great opportunity to do a mini-pep at the KEP department, to sit and focus only on I/M question only. In my normal work I handle all kinds of […]


    A global approach to purchasing

    With her long and broad experience in leading large purchasing organisations, Scania’s Head of Purchasing, Andrea Fuder, has introduced a more global approach to procurement operations.

    Once Again a Start-up with new Opportunities

    To start of where I finished my last post, highlighting the opportunities a trainee program at Scania brings, I´m almost overwhelmed by challenges and opportunities after just three weeks at my new position in my fourth and final trainee period. This is the first time I have worked within the Research and Development organization at […]

    Hungry Ghost Festival

    In Singapore, the seventh month in the lunar calendar is called as the Ghost Month. There is a lot of Taoists and Buddhists are celebrate during this month. Activities during the month would include preparing ritualistic food offerings, burning incense, and burning joss paper, a paper form of material items such as clothes, car and […]


    Countless opportunities for project managers at Scania

    Scania is one of the world’s most successful companies. Working as an IT project manager at Scania involves getting to run business-critical projects and participate in the development of a global company that is at the cutting edge of technology for sustainable vehicle solutions. “You get real career support and the opportunity to develop professionally,” says project manager Anton Smith.

    project management for real

    Just got back to the desk after a steering group meeting in one of the projects I’ve been assigned. We got good feedback and result on the time plan and input on the activities planned. I am happily surprised by haven gotten this far in understanding my assignments in just one week.  Still I’m struggling […]

    På återseende, Scania!

    Hej, Nu var det lite mer än en vecka sedan jag slutade på Scania för i sommar. Vår sista dag spenderade vi SIP 2or i Marcus Wallenberg-hallen där vi fick lyssna på SIP 1ornas presentation. Detta var mycket underhållande! Därefter åt vi lunch tillsammans med flertalet Scania-anställda som också lyssnat på presentationen. Under eftermiddagen var […]

    Finding true inspiration

    A lot of everyday work for me is completed with inspiration from people around me. The sense that I want to accomplish something lies within the admiration of other peoples competence. I want to compete (Note: I don’t see work as a competition), but not to beat my fellow colleagues but rather to achieve the […]


    A change for the better

    Eduardo Xavier dos Santos has risen to become a popular team leader in Scania’s Brazilian chassis factory. He says his five years with Scania have taught him a great deal about leadership – and life.