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    Engineer Method Training, Price Ceremony and Time for Holiday

    One thing you learn and practice more than once during the trainee program is to be new at a job. For the fifth time in less than 1,5 year I´m new at work. However, this time it will hopefully be more long-term. It´s so great to be back in production, this time as a Global […]


    Scania ahead of the time

    Scania is taking a lead in the wearable technology market with the release of the new Scania Watch. The device clearly demonstrates how companies can benefit from the trend to fuse fashion with technology.

    Strategies and christmas preparations

    Outside it is +30 degrees Celsius, the children are singing Christmas songs and we enjoy the ginger breads my mom sent us. In Sweden we always ask ourselves will it be a white or green Christmas, here that’s no question. It’s more how hot will it be…poor Santa with his warm clothing. I think he […]

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    Scania guides Gustav’s career in the right direction

    Gustav could name different car models before he even learned to talk. As an economics graduate trainee at Scania, it is the specific combination of a passion for vehicles and an interest in economics that inspires him to develop.

    First bus!

    Finally after more than three years of hard work, the first prototype bus was built! Everyone involved to make this happen was invited for a photosession and I felt very proud of being part of this fantastic team! While waiting for the photographer…  My assistant Soumya and me The team who made this happen.

    Where does the I/M Engines end up?

    After my ”mini PEP” at the engine department (KEP) during the summer, I had the great opportunity to follow Peter Karlsson from KEPI to a Swedish town called Markaryd and visit the Kone Cranes company for an installation report on one of their vehicles. The purpose of this trip was to see and learn how […]

    The result

    Here is the new toilet: …being guest of honor you get a nice garland.

    School visit and Christmas gift money

    Last wednesday my colleague Lisen Thulin and I went out in “reality” with our teams. Scania is working actively with CSR and Employer Branding in the local villages around the factory. In one of the public schools Scania contributed by helping them to build new toilets using the Christmas money donated from Scania Sweden. This […]

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    Building great leaders

    Great leaders aren’t always born leaders. Sometimes they’re created through experience and training. Scania Academy is working hard to ensure that the company has the best leadership team possible.

    On the other side

    I have now spent a little bit over one month on the other side of the world, on the other side of my financial world at Scania Malaysia. Today I’ll finish my final tasks in the November book close, whereas my colleagues in Sweden at BBZB have just started their work. I cannot begin to […]