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     Workshop internship in Uganda – an eye-opener for young Swedes
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    A “productive” european tour

    After the summer vacation, things got really hectic for me. I seem to be doing the same thing each year: spending the winter and spring with getting projects approved, and in the fall I get a ketchup-effect where everything happens at once. Maybe it’s my fault, maybe it’s the organization. Either way, it’s been very busy but also a lot of fun!


    Expectation is in the air. The calmness before the storm – as the Swedish proverb goes. We have filled the bowls on our table with Scania sweets, stacked the brochures and I have tied my tie, so I must be ready? Even though I constantly have to check so that the red furry duck is […]

    I have a new job!

    After five years of working with Connectivity, it’s time for me to move on! I have been part of a fantastic journey, taking Connected Services from an obscure perific non-profitable business to something that is at the core of our offering and will be even more important during the coming years, and that is starting to become one of the main […]


    New research centre to create world-class logistic flows

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Scania have begun collaboration on the Integrated Transport Research Lab – a new research centre at KTH that will focus on future transport systems. “The aim is to create world-class logistics flows,” says Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of Scania.

    How hard can it be?

    I remember when I wrote my job application to Scania, I started off with reflecting over the many possibilities Scania could offer me, especially international experiences. This would then be considered as a strong advantage within an employer in my eyes and a personal dream to realise in my future career. After merely 1,5 years […]

    Energy account

    Sorry for not writing here recently but I have had some energy withdrawns that needed to be re-filled. As a part of integrating in a new environment, new culture and with new people you tend to use a lot of energy. A wise person once said to me, if you see your energy as a […]

    Stockholmsbågen – en grön bussled för regionen

    I vår strävan att bli ledare inom hållbara transporter har vi insett att vi måste lyfta blicken. För att nå hela vägen fram räcker det nämligen inte att vi har den bästa produkten med lägst bränsleförbrukning eller de bästa tjänsterna som möjliggör effektiv planering av varje enskild transport – om inte helheten hänger samman och […]

    Visitors and puja

    We get visitors from Scania Sweden quite often to Scania India and it’s nice to meet new aquintences as well as old while beeing here. Sometimes even your former office colleagues will come, which is the case this week. Scania Academy is conducting a business training here in Bangalore with participants from this part of […]


    Want to make a difference? Become a service technician

    Service technicians at Scania’s facility in the Arendal district of Gothenburg have opened the door on their daily lives and discussed their profession in an upbeat short film. The project is aimed at encouraging young people to consider choosing the profession.


    A unique start to your career

    Long, hard study pays off. As a graduate trainee at Scania, you will be well taken care of and get a good start at the company.