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    Coming to an End

    One more week to go at the Project Office, and only two more weeks until my trainee program has reached its end. Unbelievable, this point felt so far away but now I can´t neglect this fact anymore. However, at the same time that I´m quite sad about the end, I’m more than happy to start […]

    Smart glasses, flat tire and soon it is all over….

    …Or, depending on how you look at it, soon it will start for real! More about that later on. First: How can the use of smart glasses improve Scania operations? Well, at our global spare parts centre in Belgium we believe that logistics operations can benefit using them. Activities such as sorting, packing and picking […]


    Kelley’s Swedish experience

    Born and raised in the Lone Star State, Texan Kelley Gawlik joined Scania’s Head Office in Södertälje from Scania USA for a six month assignment. She returns back the States with a broader understanding of the Swedish way of working and living.

    Women in Technology

    For me, most of my life, I have seen boys outnumbering girls in the scene of technology. First, I saw it as I grew up. My brother, his friends, my male friends and my boyfriends were playing Counterstrike, WOW or Tibia. I did not. Then I saw it at university when I chose a master […]

    SSI 2015

    As a student, I have felt that it can be quite hard to imagine what life after graduation is going to be like. Sometimes, student life feels like living in a bubble, separated from “the real world”, where “the real people” live and work. The problem that follows from all this is the question on […]

    ECO, EFR, SOP.. Learning Acronyms

    It´s time for my first post here and what could be more suitable to start with than telling you a little bit more about what my fifteen months as a trainee is going to look like. During my first practise period in Oskarshamn I am working as a production engineer in the cab assembly (MC). […]

    news-list-Top Team

    More than 60 countries compete in Top Team

    What started as a training programme in 1989 for service technicians at Swedish dealers has now grown to a global competition with hundreds of teams from 60 countries.

    SSI weekend number three

    Hello there, I hope you are well in this beautiful fall that we are having. I am doing fine but I have been really busy with school, which has made this post a few weeks over due. Here it is at last and this time I will talk about the experiences I had at our last […]

    Traffic in Bangalore

    Today I’m having what we call a BTD (Bad Traffic Day). I have a meeting in the other side of the town an I have been in the car nearly 3 hours and I am still not there. The drive is about 35km… Normally it takes 1,5-2h, but today it was raining AND Monday after […]

    Contrasts between fun & pain

    Last week: lots of fun. This week: lots of pain. So… what was so fun? Well, last week all the employees within Sales & Marketing who had worked 10 years at Scania were honored with a silver pin. Yes, I’m getting old…! I still think when I meet 25-year-olds who have just started in the company that […]