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    Jessica Piri, Service market sales
Scania-Bilar Stockholm
Häggvik, Sweden
Photo: Gustav Lindh 2015

    From work experience to sales

    With both workshop and road experience, Jessica Piri is particularly well suited for the job of service market salesperson.

    kristine 3

    Travel Report from guest blogger Kristine Stålhandske

    Kristine is a Trainee at Scania IT and is currently in Bangalore India, this is a travel report from her visiting a mine in India.   The trip started early on Monday morning, as early as 05:30 we started, to be sure to arrive in time for the flight to Hyderabad. Everything went smooth and we […]

    Change management

    Sorry for not writing in some weeks. We have made an organisational change at work and that has stolen all of my focus. It has been a real challenge to understand how to handle different HR matters in another country but of course also very instructive. When you work with change management one big challenge […]

    Education key to a brighter future

    In the little Indian village of Jodikrishnapura, 120 children have finally got a proper English language teacher. Scania pays her salary – and hopes that one day some of her students will come to work at the production facility located right next to the school.

    Up and running again…

    It’s about 2 years ago since our thoughts of moving to India started. It has been a true adventure and I have not regretted the decision we made to move here. Like my husband and I discussed – we know the life in Sweden  is (quite predictable…) so it would be interesting trying something new! […]


    The factory built on equality

    Women today account for one in four employees at Scania’s newly opened bus production facility in Narasapura, India. Highly unusual in India, this mix of genders brings major benefits in terms of morale and productivity.

    Sofia Vahlne at HR conference.
Södertuna castle, Gnesta, Sweden
Photo: Peggy Bergman 2015

    Scania broadens diversity outlook

    Initially, Scania’s focus in diversity was to comply with regulations. That was followed by the initiative during 2013 to highlight issues in the organisation. Now, Scania takes the next step by globally broadening its perspective on diversity, called Skill Capture.

    The grace of meetings

    One thing I have started to reflect upon lately, is how much I appreciate meetings. I am not talking about meetings such as business meetings, but meetings with different people. Every day, there is at least one meeting with a new person that affects me in one way or another. Sometimes the meeting could be […]

    A look into the future

    With instant information projected directly onto the windshield in a new prototype simulator, Scania’s developers look at how the future driver environment should look like.

    Week 15: Writing

    In this project time flies. I never thought 15 weeks of my life could pass by so fast. Me and Lisa have been developing a slightly modified classification algorithm using an Associative Classifier. It took us a lot more time than we though, and I think it mainly was because we decided to use a […]