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    Sista veckan

    Imorgon gör jag min sista dag här på MSTA och bussproduktionen på Chassi. Det har varit en kul sommar och jag har lärt mig väldigt mycket både om produkten och hur det är att jobba som tekniker och stötta produktionen. Man sitter sällan still och med olika projekt så finns det alltid något att göra. […]

    Livet som produkttekniker

    Så nu har vi kört en vecka efter semestern och nu börjar man bli lite varm i kläderna. Jag har fått köra igång med ett större projekt som jag förberedde smått innan semestern, som handlar om att organisera och strukturera i vårt interna ordersystem. Det är kul men rätt krävande och tar mycket tid och […]

    Back from vacation

    I have been working for a week since I came back from my vacation and the office has been really empty, almost everyone were still on vacation last week. Today, the halls are getting filled up with sun tanned and well rested Scania employees. I have been starting to do some programming in WPF and […]


    There is a new attendance board in our senoko office. Many thanks to the stuff that make this happen. Cheers!!!

    Back to reality

    Summer in Sweden is far from over. More specifically, today is predicted to the hottest day of the summer so far. And yesterday we had the highest august temperature since 1992. With this said, I am now back at the office trying to figure out how to survive this heat and to pick up the […]


    The art of applying the griffin

    Proud Scania owners often want a griffin to feature prominently on the side of their cab, indicating identity and prestige. This is an assignment for FFU Light, Fit for Use, at the chassis workshop, which carries out supplementary customisations once trucks have left the production line.


    A rewarding journey through Scania

    After a little more than five years, Erika Nobrand Hambeck is back on the development line for chassis assembly, with two new languages and a wealth of experience under her belt.

    Good bye Madrid

    The desk is cleaned. I have sorted out what papers and documents I want to keep and put the rest in the trash. Cleaned my teacup and thrown away the last of the almonds I have for snack in my drawer. And then that feeling is there again. In the end of all om my practice periods […]

    Fifth Week With SIP

    SUMMARY  After our five weeks of work did we go on vacation like the rest of the engine assembly. It did not take to long to feel comfortable on the line even though I was far from achieving my co-workers skills. We did all start to think more and more about our project work during […]


    It has come to an end, my three months in Ireland are over and today I will fly out from Dublin. I’m not going to try to summarize my time here, because I don’t even know where to start. One thing is sure though, I have got a good taste of the global perspective and […]