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    Dream job

    Alana Mountfield’s job as a driver trainer with Scania Australia puts her in daily contact with a group of professionals that she has admired all her life.

    Master’s thesis at Scania

    Hello there, I am currently in the middle of my master’s thesis, which is the final part of the SSI program. Therefore, in this post I would like to tell you my thoughts about being a master’s thesis student at a company in general and my experience from Scania specifically. I am doing my master’s […]

    Bus Inauguration time

    So, finally the day we all been waiting for – the Bus Inauguration! The last couple of weeks have been intense with a lot of preparations everywhere and everyone involved has done tremendous work to get everything finished in time. We had prominent guests like the Transport Minister of India, the Transport Minister of Sweden, […]


    Inspiring tomorrow’s women engineers

    Scania in Södertälje played host to about 50 female upper secondary school students last Thursday as part of the global IGE Day project. Such field trips are aimed at increasing women’s interest in both technical subjects and careers in engineering.

    Working for 7 months deserves some reflection

    I started my mission in August and all of a sudden it is March! Since I am only working 50% my life is a great mixture of networking, problem solving, travelling, meeting, processing, integrating, thinking and doing both privately and professionally. Working with HR here is very much the same as back in Sweden…and on […]

    Being a service responsible

    Working as a service responsible, managing products and services with a global coverage, is a challenging role that requires strategic thinking, broad perspective, attention to detail and a strong ability to deal with ambiguity. Depending on what services you are managing you come in contact with a lot of people, both within the organization but […]


    A future driving environment

    What is the future of truck driving? In a Scania-led research project students at the Umeå Institute of Design were challenged to look ahead. This video shows their vision.

    Stories from a PEP

    Anywhere I am and in everything I do, I prioritise order and structure above all. Except for my desk or my wardrobe at home, there you can find organized chaos. Despite this characteristic of unordinary order I seem to have “misplaced” my latest blog post, a post where I described my lessons halfway through my pep in […]

    Week 6: Pre-processing Data

    So, last time, when I described our thesis, I was wrong. We have realized since last time that we’re not going to what we thought we would do three weeks ago. This we have understood by studying data. By pre-processing data, you learn a lot about the data. In our case, we have become aware […]


    Workshop internship in Uganda – an eye-opener for young Swedes

    For the fourth consecutive year students from two Swedish upper secondary schools have travelled to Uganda to undertake internships. For three weeks the students worked in different workshops – including at Scania in Kampala.