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    Last blog post

    In case you didn’t know, I’ve been posting blogs for Scania for a very long time, at least if you talk about career blogs as a phenomenon. My first post was on March 2nd, back in 2011. Since then, I’ve seen career blogging change from something only targeting Swedish graduates to becoming a global communication […]

    Södertälje,SwedenPhoto: Kjell Olausson 2014

    Volkswagen Group honours Scania apprentice

    The maintenance technician Carl Forsell of Scania’s subsidiary DynaMate has received the Volkswagen Group’s Best Apprentice Award 2014. He was selected as one of 43 young top achievers from 18 countries to receive the award at Group headquarters in Wolfsburg.

    Sweden – Brazil career fair for the future

    Thursday the 13th of November at Swedcham I represented Scania at the Sweden-Brazil career fair. The event is an initiative to try to increase the exchange of students between these countries and this was the second year they had this fair. We were 8 companies there and all of us have our head offices in […]

    Global Technical Training Week

    At our department we need to have the latest information about our products and services so we can answer the customer with the correct information. Therefore we need to have trainings on these and once a year we gather all personnel for one week here in Södertälje. Our colleagues from Hong Kong, Brazil, Netherland and […]

    The week of evaluations

    The handover of the project I have been managing is almost done. I have gone through folders and document to make sure that all is in the right place. My last project meeting was this Monday. The organisation and meeting structure for the future work has been decided and communicated. The project is up and […]

    What is going on?

    So what’s going on in Scania India at the moment? A lot I would say, in all departments! Our new bus factory is on it’s way of getting ready. We are recruiting and training a lot of people, defining work methods and getting all material and equipment to be able to build the premium brand […]

    Local adaptations in Kuala Lumpur

    I have now been in Malaysia for almost three weeks, three intense weeks especially when looking upon it from an adaptation perspective. First, there is the importance of settling in from a personal perspective with everything from where to go grocery shopping, to where to throw out the garbage to finding IKEA to finding my […]

    My First Monthly Closing and Fredagsfika

    Time flies! This is already the seventh week of my rotation in Financial Services (FK). Last Thursday, I did my first monthly closing. My team work on credit risks and asset management. Consequently we are a part of the FK monthly closing, reporting on the credit side: overdue, bad debts, provisions for credit losses and so on. During my […]

    Sweden-Brazil career fair

    After weeks with lots of activities both at home and at work I am now preparing for the “Sweden-Brazil Career Fair 2014″ (www.young that will take place on Thursday. A little bit nervous since this will be my first Employer Branding event in my new country. But of course I am mostly excited to […]

    Första dagen på Scania

    För några veckor sedan gick det ut information på monteringen i Oskarshamn att jag ska börja blogga. Så mycket frågor som jag har fått sedan dess och så många funderingar om vad jag ska skriva om. Så här kommer det. Jag tänkte börja med att berätta om min första dag på Scania. För snart två […]