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    Daniel closes the circle at Scania

    During nearly seven years, Daniel Cato designed axles at Scania’s Research and Development. As an engineer in production, Daniel will now make use of his accumulated skills and knowledge in manufacturing gearbox components.

    Week 3: moving forward

    So, week three just passed and we’re moving forward. Slowly forward, but yes, forward. I actually thought we would be way ahead of where we’re standing at the moment and it’ kind of frustrating. As I wrote last time, I’m very aware of the fact that this is a part of the thesis, to figure […]

    Have a Ride or Drive

    New challenges every week. This week’s big challenges are to understand, explain and practice to use the different functions we have in our product-line as a part of my training to become a Demo Driver. Scania has a Demo Centre where it´s possible to test-drive Scania products. I’m training to become a demo driver, which I’m […]

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    The next big data thing

    Big data is helping to redraw the transport map. Connected vehicles are already providing operators with the ability to both keep tabs on truck fleets and to tailor servicing. And the trend has only just begun.

    It does not matter how many people do what you do. No one can do it like you.

    The weeks are passing so quickly right now – for me they are flying and I try to hang on. I am grabbing onto them – trying to hang in there travelling too fast. Some days I fly high, others I feel totally empty. So why do I feel this way, you might wonder. I […]

    Week 1: Confusion

    Lisa and I started our master thesis last Monday on a Data Analysis group at Research and Development. Before we started, we had a description of our task and we thought we kind of knew what was asked from us. But then we also thought we’d figure it out along the way. Fair enough, that’s […]

    Scania Trainee Application

    One year ago I applied for the Scania Graduate Trainee program. A lot has happen since, I´m now a third into the trainee program, still learning new things every week but also starting to get a good overview of the company. Tomorrow is already the last day of the application period for 2015. When applying […]

    Södertälje,SwedenPhoto: Kjell Olausson 2014

    Inside Scania’s floating classroom

    Scania application engineers ensure the company’s marine and industrial engines are perfectly married to the equipment of customers. Training days that put these professionals into real-life situations ensure that their skills are up-to-date and of maximum benefit.

    Scania. It starts with you.

    Last week I did a Scania pitch and would like to share it with you. Scania. It starts with you. It actually begins with you – it’s your choice, it’s you taking the next step, choosing your path. Some of us plan every single detail, others just see what the day brings on. Either way […]

    A Smile is Contagious

    I’m going to try to explain a feeling, which is always hard. However, at the end of last week, I have to admit that this special feeling came to me. I had a big smile all day long, and when heading home from work, I realized that I had worked all day long solving issues, […]